Health and Well-being

Children need to be healthy in order to grow, develop and reach their full potential. We believe that nutrition and exercise play a principal role.


We carefully create a well-balanced menu making sure that children are given a wide variety of nutritious meals and snacks on a daily basis.

All our food is home cooked using fresh and organic ingredients giving your child the best possible start.

At Childville, we plant and grow herbs and vegetables in our garden, which we then use in our cooking activities.

Children are involved in the cooking process and are taught the importance of healthy eating. We have found that children tend to try different things when they make them themselves.


We spend time in our garden and out of the setting on a daily basis and this is how we believe children learn and create an understanding of our community and the world around them.

We teach children the importance of exercise and keeping fit. Outdoor play allows children to gain physical skills such as running, jumping, climbing, and balancing and get to use their bodies differently while exploring.

We also do activities outside that we normally do indoors as we believe that children gain different skills. For example, playing with the toy animals on the grass teaches children about different textures, smells and uneven surfaces.

We visit our local parks and playgrounds and encourage children to come in with their scooters so we can all scoot together in the park.

We have picnics and nature walks, play with balls and do races; the sky is the limit.


The safety of children in our care is our first and most significant priority.

All members of staff hold a DBS and First Aid certificate. Our setting has been childproofed and all toys and equipment meet the highest standards.

We risk assess all spaces on a daily basis to keep these high standards of safety and hygiene.

Children are taken out everyday and during that time, we all wear high visibility jackets and children that are walking, use a wrist reign for safety.

We carry a first aid kit and parents contact details in case of an emergency. We always ensure that children are appropriately dressed for the weather.

During pick up time, children in our care will only be released to a known/authorised person. If at any time, you require your child to be collected by someone else, then please do let us know in advance.

If we don’t know the person, then we will use a password system for the safety of your child.